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The importance and ROI of investing in branding and marketing as a startup.

Investor strategy and design, web development and brand strategy for a European contract manufacturing company.
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The Project

The Project

Aureum A/S is a Danish-based contract manufacturing organization founded in December 2018. The company specializes in producing medicinal-grade cannabis extracts while also providing ancillary services to licensed producers.

BlackBean's partnership with Vitalis Extraction Technology led to partnering with Aureum - a cohesive strategic fit that would come to result in a mutually beneficial partnership. The team at BlackBean crossed paths with Aureum just as the Danish government began the legalization process of medicinal cannabis.

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Project Goals

When BlackBean first began working with Aureum, their brand was at best - messy. Aureum also needed a partner with a strong background in marketing and design to build a visually appealing, yet succinct investor deck that was on-brand.

As the medicinal cannabis market in Denmark was in its beginning stage, Aureum needed future investors to know that they were the real deal and could be a successful first-mover in the Danish medicinal cannabis export market.

This left the BlackBean team with the following objectives:

  • Clean up the Aureum brand to aid in brand awareness and credibility to investors.
  • Design an attractive Investor Deck template that Aureum could present to multiple investors with confidence and clarity.
  • Create a simple but highly effective web presence.
The Challenge
The Solution

The Solution

Working with the key stakeholders of the company, we produced a simple yet elegant brand. Our design team started by cleaning up the brand with investors in mind. We took inspiration from a drop of CBD oil to eliminate any confusion as to the industry and incorporated the lines of the Danish flag into the design to give a nod to its origins.

Since Aureum was going through an initial cap raise, we incorporated the new brand into a beautifully crafted Investor Deck presentation to help the stakeholders present a professional, global and trustworthy image when meeting potential investors.

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I like BlackBean's creative input and speed of execution. They are very structured and responsive with high transparency. They also make adjustments easily when necessary and execute within the timeframe.
Peter S.
Peter S.
Aureum A/S
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The Results

The re-design was clutter-free, easy to navigate, and only included the important data and information that investors needed to see. This presentation template was so successful that we eventually transformed it into a static website using development technology at the forefront of the programming world, making it extremely fast to load (1.6 seconds) and all-around very snappy.

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