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Distributor Marketing

Manufacturer Positioning for Distributor Success

A veteran-owned manufacturing business was able to quickly secure distribution contracts and attract the right audiences to their website.
Audience: identified. Target: reached.

Audience: identified. Target: reached.

M22 Tactical is a veteran-owned, US-based dry-fire system manufacturing company for the defence and law enforcement industry. The number 22 has meaning tied to the statistic that 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. The 22 is a call to action to help veterans find a purpose…to reconnect with themselves, their families and their communities.

At the onset of their business, they came to BlackBean to establish a solid marketing foundation based on positioning and clear messaging to define target audiences. Less than six months later, they were signing deals with right-fit partners!

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A veteran-owned manufacturing business, M22 developed a very important product for dry-fire safety training: the RedCat. The company knew it needed to reach distributors, but it didn’t know how to reach them, where to reach them, or how to convert them. As their product is very niche and at risk of attracting fanatics, the positioning and messaging needed to be extremely well done at the risk of backfiring (pun intended).


After carefully identifying and segmenting the target audiences, BlackBean created a precise positioning and messaging strategy that was applied to all of its marketing material, including a powerful tagline: “Train Hard. Stay Safe.” This foundational work led to a custom distributor marketing strategy for this manufacturer in the defence space.


  • Several high-profile distributors signed with M22 Tactical a mere 4 months after implementing the content marketing.
  • Highly-relevant traffic is being driven to the website through SEO and resources created by the positioning.
  • “No nutjobs to report,” in the client’s words, proving the value of audience definition and segmented messaging.
  • Strong thought leadership on LinkedIn, as more content is being produced and posted.


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Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

“Big thanks to the BlackBean team because we would not be where we are without those guys. As simple as that. They were there for us when needed and went above and beyond. We were a small business making it up as we went along: if we hadn’t had this relationship with BlackBean, we wouldn’t be where we’re today.” – A. DeVoe, Owner.

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