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Biotech website design

How a Biotech Company Transformed its Website for Optimal Results

While Arctic Apples' products stay fresh longer, their website was long out-of-date. We refreshed their website, turning it into an attractive educational platform for businesses and consumers alike.
An all-in-one website for a very special apple

An all-in-one website for a very special apple

Arctic Apples is the brand name for a new variety of non-browning apple. Engineered to mimic the taste of the popular Granny Smith and Golden Delicious varietals, Arctic Apples reduce food waste by eliminating the enzyme that causes browning from the fruit. Arctic Apples engaged us to develop a website that spoke to each of their audiences: consumers, retailers, and organizations like schools and hospitals.

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The Arctic Apples website project had two major challenges. First, the business wanted to speak to many audiences at once. Their ideal website would offer consumer education, resources for retailers, and purchasing information for public and private organizations ranging from hospitals to prisons. Second, their product courts controversy. As a genetically modified food, Arctic Apples face added scrutiny from a vocal segment of health-conscious consumers. The website had to both sell their product as well as provide education and reassurance that GMO apples are safe and nutritious.


We worked closely with Arctic Apples’ internal marketing team to map out the resources and information that would benefit each of their target audiences. Then, we developed interactive features like a cost calculator, recipe directory, and downloadable resource section to provide each audience with the tools they need to make an informed purchasing choice. We wrapped these features in a playful, colourful design that put their product in the forefront.


  • 33% traffic growth in the first year of the website redesign
  • 9% longer avg. time on page general increase in user engagement
  • 34% increase in new users, reaching a valuable new audience


“We were blown away by the designs that they provided for us from the first drafts. They were colourful, engaging, and everything that we thought our audience was going to be looking for. We are incredibly excited about the impact that we’ve been able to make and how well the materials BlackBean delivered have enabled us to tell our story as a company.” – J. Green, Marketing Director

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