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Selling metal fab to mining with strong sales material

Goodman Steel has all the expertise and capacity to serve their target markets across the Canadian prairie. What they really needed was the sales material to prove it.
Superior sales and marketing materials to aid lead generation

Superior sales and marketing materials to aid lead generation

For many years, Goodman Steel relied exclusively on local industry for business. Based near one of the world’s largest and most productive potash mines, a handful of mining related accounts kept their business afloat for decades. In recent years, they looked to broaden their reach, leveraging expertise in mining and industry to the benefit of companies in forestry, oil and gas, agriculture, and other sectors. We worked with them to produce high-quality sales material and documentation to improve lead generation as they pushed to expand their targeting.

Optimize your sales through marketing!
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Goodman Steel had a few sales resources such as basic brochures and pamphlets. However, these materials were years out of date and their designs were amateur. Additionally, their existing materials featured an outdated version of their logo and brand.


Our solution involved a comprehensive audit of the client’s existing sales materials to identify areas of improvement. Leveraging market research and customer insights, we crafted refreshed and compelling content, integrated persuasive visuals, and streamlined the presentation to effectively communicate the client’s unique positioning and value proposition.

Sell smarter, not harder

Sell smarter, not harder

In B2B sales, the little details matter. In a highly competitive market, salespeople must work every advantage at their disposal to close the deal. Whatever you sell, we can help ensure your sales materials–from brochures to white papers and beyond–are compelling, attractive, and above all else: effective.

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