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Creating a brand for a new chemical company

Branding for a chemical company offered both unique challenges and creative opportunities.
Where chemistry and creativity collide

Where chemistry and creativity collide

Companies like ClearSolv that sell highly pure chemicals face unique branding challenges. 100% pure anhydrous ethanol is the same, no matter who you buy it from. This means that a memorable brand and customer experience is absolutely essential! If product can’t be a differentiator, branding has to be.

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ClearSolv’s products are tricky to differentiate. While each has its own application, their products are mainly clear liquids sold in nearly-identical barrels. We needed to develop a brand that would project professionalism and authority to customers while providing a way to visually differentiate products in their online catalogue.


Chemistry is all about solutions, and so are we. Drawing inspiration from molecule graphs, we developed a simple but effective logo that could be adapted to represent each product. The colour palette is clean, bold, and professional. ClearSolv’s brand is appropriate for their industry, yet unique among its peers.


  • Unique and recognizable. The brand is clean and professional, but also unique in its industry vertical
  • Modular brand elements. The molecule design elements are easy to mock up, provide strong visual ID to products
  • Easily adapted. The brand works as well on a sign or business card as it does online


"They heard our message"

"They heard our message"

“We knew once we sat down with the BlackBean team that they heard our message and were eager to be a part of the journey with us, ready to support and brainstorm at any stage of the process.” – M. McIntyre, (former) General Manager

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