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A powerful tagline and a fresh look for clean energy

Brand strategy, positioning, tagline development, marketing and sales collaterals... what more could an energy startup need to be successful?
Definition and clarity through positioning

Definition and clarity through positioning

EcoGrid Tech’s real value is a solutions implementer, straddling Building Energy Management Systems, electrical upgrades, smart LEDs, and industrial internet of things. Finding a voice,
messaging angle and a tagline that speaks to the full suite of services that extend far beyond its competitors is crucial. And that’s what BlackBean set out to do.

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Because the offer in digital ceilings is complex—much more robust than most competing services—its various benefits must be explained clearly and directly. When the client came to us, they didn’t have a clear sense of how to communicate their USP (unique selling proposition) to their target audiences and how to come across as innovative as their product truly is – both visually and through their messaging.


BlackBean started out by working closely with the client on their brand strategy. Through brand research and positioning workshops, we uncovered their unique category – digital ceilings, and their unique benefits – Smart LED conversion, leading to the creation of the tagline “Powered by Efficiency.”

The next step was to create an in-depth messaging strategy document for in-house use, complete with competitive research, brand voice, messaging guidelines and USP definition. We also dove into the analysis of their target audience, creating unique and detailed buyer personas each with their own pain points. Armed with this crucial piece of brand strategy and direction, the sales team was set for success!

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Build your foundation for success

Build your foundation for success

A branding strategy is, in essence, the blueprint for how you want to build, shape, and share your brand. Whether you’re a small startup or a legacy brand that’s been around forever, a strong brand strategy is the only way to ensure health and growth.

Without a documented brand strategy (and, therefore, a cohesive vision), you can end up with a misaligned organization and a chaotic – not to mention ineffective, marketing plagued by inconsistencies, misalignment, misfires and inefficiencies. Make sure that doesn’t happen, with our brand strategy services!


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