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A high-performing website for manufacturing consortium

EMC is Canada's largest manufacturing consortium, organizing hundreds of annual events and training programs across the country. They needed a refreshed website that matched their scope and vision.
From clutter to clarity

From clutter to clarity

When we first engaged with EMC, their website was a mess! Design aside, the website contained dozens of core pages shoved into a disorganized and confusing menu structure. A single drop-down navigation menu item contained 35 different pages! One of the primary goals of redesigning the website was to make it easier for everyone to navigate: easier for EMC management to edit, easier for members to access resources, and easier for new visitors to sign up for EMC’s programs.

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EMC’s website redesign challenge was twofold. First, the website was cluttered and disorganized. We needed to map out how users interacted with the website, which pages drove the most value, and how that content could be brought to the forefront for members and new visitors. Second, the website is big! With many events pages, blog posts and news articles, and member-only sections, the design and development process had to cover a lot of ground.


To address the complexity of the project, we got systematic. We worked the problem from several angles, starting with an audit of the website’s content and the way users engaged with it. Then, we discussed the goals of the project with everyone from consortium leadership down to content management teams. Once we understood the challenge fully, we got to work. The new site reduced menu clutter by nearly 60%, improved average load speed across the board, and funneled users to the most valuable pages in fewer clicks than ever before.


  • 59% reduction in primary navigation clutter (28 links, down from 67)
  • 46% faster average web page load speed
  • 26% growth in tracked website conversions


“I seriously cannot get enough of these people! They are brilliant, accommodating, and always ready to provide suggestions for solutions. Can’t find the words to express my gratitude – amazing.” – T. Robbins, Marketing Director

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