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Innovative trade show design for metal fabricator

Memorable experiential marketing for a mining trade show, and implemented a strategy suited to the brand's personality.
Helping a prairie metal fabricator break new ground

Helping a prairie metal fabricator break new ground

Goodman Steel, a full-service engineering and fabrication shop situated in Rocanville, Saskatchewan, has established a strong reputation within the local potash mining industry. However, they aspired to extend their reach beyond their small-town roots while embracing their prairie heritage. Seeking new opportunities across the Canadian prairie region, Goodman Steel engaged our team for assistance.

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Our challenge was to help Goodman Steel find new markets and create a memorable presence at trade shows, ensuring that their exhibit stood out and enticed meaningful conversations. It was crucial to align the strategy with their laid-back, outdoorsy personality, avoiding conventional corporate displays or flashy setups that would be incongruent with their brand vibe.


To support Goodman Steel’s goals, we devised a unique trade show approach that would captivate attendees while reflecting their brand persona. For the Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum in April 2023, we designed an “indoor campsite” concept for their exhibit. Departing from traditional booths, we incorporated comfortable camping chairs, theme elements like coolers and a faux firepit, and thematically aligned roll-up banners and displays. This unconventional setup would create an inviting atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on visitors.


By implementing this innovative trade show strategy, we achieved remarkable outcomes for Goodman Steel:

  • Their “indoor campsite” exhibit garnered significant attention, standing out amidst conventional displays.
  • The unique and relaxed atmosphere at their booth facilitated engaging conversations and built stronger connections with attendees.
  • The off-site axe-throwing event created a memorable networking experience, fostering a more personal connection with potential clients.
  • Thematic branded merchandise served as impactful marketing collateral, extending their brand’s visibility beyond the trade show.
 Ignite Your Trade Show Presence

Ignite Your Trade Show Presence

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with BlackBean and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them moving forward.” – S. Chase, Office Administrator

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