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B2B Market Research Agency

As in-house marketing roles become more technical and data-hungry, you need the backing of a research and analysis team to uncover insights and tell accurate and compelling stories to leaders.


Confidence with open source research


Confirm your suspicions. You have targets in mind. Can you hit them and how?


Find unexpected opportunities and can uncover emerging trends to access new markets.


Upgrade your competitive intelligence: evaluate your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.


Grow and act with confidence. A market research gives you the clarity you need to move forward.

Why You Need a Research Partner

In-house B2B marketing professionals face a growing challenge. As the B2B world becomes more digital by the day, marketers find themselves wearing many hats. From website maintenance to CRM setup and sales enablement, today’s marketer often finds themselves deeply integrated in operations.

With such a wide array of responsibilities, it’s no wonder that marketing teams grapple with competing priorities. If you’re bogged down in operations and execution, do you have the time to research and plan effectively?

Why Work with a Specialized B2B Agency?

Why Work with a Specialized B2B Agency?

Many marketing agencies specialize in B2C or lack a specialization. A B2B market research agency like BlackBean has the expertise and knowledge to fast-track your research. We can tap a deep network of resources and contacts from our years of B2B marketing excellence. Our team is familiar with your long sales cycles and complex buying journeys.

As a B2B service provider ourselves, we see your challenges in our own business. When you work with our team, you’re getting a reliable partner, mentor, and sounding board. A team that knows where you want to go, and how to help get you there.

There are a few great reasons to consider partnering with a market research agency:

  • Unbiased marketing intelligence backed by data.
  • Performance-focused collaboration to elevate marketing success.
  • Digestible insights and reports for leadership buy-in on new campaigns.
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Market Research Services

Market Research Services

We specialize in open-source market research and data analysis. Our focus is on revealing valuable insights and strategic direction so that you can take action. For our part, we analyze your first-party data (web analytics, CRM and sales data, internal interviews) and third-party industry data (business and census data, industry trends) to help uncover big-picture insights, answer your questions, and verify your instincts. Through our trusted partner network, we provide market validation and intelligence including customer/prospect interviewing and buyer persona development.

Our services include:

  • Buyer persona development
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Purchasing journey analysis
  • Brand and messaging testing
  • Marketing channel research
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Go-to-market research

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Working With Us

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Building a website can feel like a daunting task, but BlackBean made the experience from start to end extremely seamless. Their workflow process is exceptionally user-friendly, communication was excellent with progress updates and regular check-ins. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the end result exceeded our expectations. The BlackBean team is extremely personable, knowledgeable, thorough, and innovative, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again!

D. Briggs

Communications Manager
Services Breakdown

Services Breakdown

Buyer Persona Development

Buyer personas are used to direct current and future messaging and sales tactics. Businesses often hold unverified assumptions about who they’re selling to. We can help verify or disprove assumptions, breaking through biases to reveal your true high value customers.

“Common sense” assumptions can be hard to challenge, but they often lead to poor outcomes. How many businesses are stuck in the past, targeting a demographic that is no longer relevant? Misaligned targeting results in messaging that can be less effective for your true audience, or in rare cases even upset or offend lucrative new targets.

By combining qualitative data such as interviews and feedback from customers and prospects with quantitative information such as historical sales records, we can help you refine your targeting to reach high value customers.

Customer Satisfaction Research

A great product isn’t enough to guarantee customer satisfaction. There are many factors at play: customer service, purchasing experience, even brand perception. If you’re struggling to improve customer satisfaction or retention KPIs, we can help.

Our approach combines up-front research and analysis with the implementation of customer retention techniques. We’ll help you find customer pain points, strategize solutions to overcome them, and monitor progress as you work to achieve your goals.

Purchasing Journey Analysis

Targeting the right buyers is only step one on the journey to closing a deal. B2B sales cycles are long and complex. Understanding the psychological journey your customers embark on when considering a purchase will help you retain more leads. A purchasing journey starts long before a customer reaches out to you. We can help illuminate those early steps through interviews and analysis. What motivates product research? What considerations are prospects making when narrowing down their search?

The next step is to analyze your sales funnel and find points of failure. Where are leads dropping off most often and why? By combining prospect testimony with sales data analysis, we can illustrate your purchasing journey, and help you find ways to optimize it.

This research is particularly valuable as it can both increase close rates and lengthen business relationships—two of the most powerful ways to optimize your growth.

Brand & Messaging Testing

A change in direction for your brand can be a major boost to your marketing—or it can crash and burn. While there’s no replacement for a full roll-out, we can help you mitigate the risk of changing your branding.

Whether through focus groups or highly regionalized advertising, we can test your new branding at a smaller scale, allowing you to feel out the impact of the changes and adjust before launching at scale.

Marketing Channel Research

Say it with us: “omnichannel.” It’s the buzzword on the lips of every digital marketer in the 2020s. Omnichannel marketing means providing consistent experiences across many marketing channels at once. It’s pushed B2B brands onto social media, into inboxes, and out into the world.

But the reality is, marketers only have so much budget to spend each year. What if your omni is a little too, well… omni?

We can help you analyze and evaluate your performance per channel, compare it against top competitors, and determine whether your investment offers a return. If it doesn’t, you’ll have a clear idea of which channels to double down on—or how you can refocus your efforts to turn a losing channel into a money-maker.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Do you truly understand your competitors’ performance?

Our competitive landscape analysis assesses market opportunities and competitors, revealing your business’s standing. By examining your main rivals’ strengths, weaknesses, market, and brand positions, we enable strategic planning for market leadership.

If your market position is lacking, we offer solutions like price analysis and brand development to enhance your market share.

Go-to-Market Research

Maybe you’re preparing to launch your next product. Perhaps you’re breaking into a new territory. Whatever your situation, it’s best to be prepared.

Our go-to-market research can help you uncover short-term and long-term opportunities by analyzing economic and social factors that impact your market. Where’s the next big construction project that needs your equipment? What’s your industry going to look like in ten years—and what can you do to prepare for that future?

Through analysis of geo-data and economic reports, we deliver clear, actionable, and insightful reports that help you navigate an ever-changing business world.

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