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Arctic Apples sells to audiences ranging from retail stores to public prisons. They needed a wide range of high quality marketing resources to cover all their bases.
High-speed marketing material development at scale

High-speed marketing material development at scale

Through our engagement with Arctic Apples, they broke into new markets, attended a wide range of shows and events, and introduced new products. With each major change or event, they required updated marketing materials. We worked closely with their in-house marketing team to develop resources at scale, with turnaround times as short as one day.

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With so many distinct audiences to reach, Arctic Apples required a wide range of print and digital resources to support their sales team. The realities of print and event management often left little time between identifying a need for a new resource and finalizing print-ready designs. Additionally, as a quickly growing biotech company, Arctic Apples’ products and target audiences were in flux, requiring frequent adjustments to existing resources.


Due to the uneven requirement for design work throughout our engagement with Arctic Apples, we offered them a flexible monthly retainer and a discounted out-of-scope rate for additional work as needed. Working closely with their in-house team, we provided design, copywriting, and print management services for a wide range of sales and marketing resources and deliverables, ranging from signage to brochures.

Your outsourced in-house marketing team

Your outsourced in-house marketing team

One of our company values is simplicity. Sometimes, the inner workings of a company’s marketing department get complicated. There are too many things to do, and too few people to do it all well! We simplify your marketing by collaborating closely with your team, ensuring that our engagement fills in the gaps with high-quality marketing. It’s like adding a second in-house team, for a fraction the price.

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