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Distributor marketing

A unique distributor marketing platform for heavy equipment

Many B2B companies sell to distributors, who in turn sell to end consumers. Client Axiom Equipment Group wanted to make high quality, customized marketing materials available to their distributors through website automation.
Branded distributor marketing documents at scale via custom web application

Branded distributor marketing documents at scale via custom web application

Axiom Equipment Group primarily sells its products via distributors like heavy equipment dealers and equipment rental companies. Helping their distributors better market Axiom equipment increases their sales volume and revenue. We helped them provide customized spec sheets to each distributor through a custom web portal added to their website. The result? A seamless and easy-to-use web tool that enhances marketing outcomes at the point of sale.

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Axiom Equipment Group wanted to provide better marketing documents to its rental outlets and distributors. Getting a designer to manually generate documents would take forever and cost a fortune. What if the process were self-serve and fully automated through the website?


BlackBean developed a custom one-page web app to apply distributor branding to a series of product documents. Distributors simply have to log in to the web portal, upload their logo in PNG format, and the application generates customized marketing documents for them. Axiom can offer custom documents to their distributor clients at virtually any scale, all without saddling their in-house design team with busy-work.


  • Dozens of companies using the Axiom media kit generator
  • Days of labour saved through website automation
  • Seamless integration with the existing website design
Client Testimonial

Client Testimonial

“Not only do I appreciate BlackBean’s top-notch communication throughout the project and timely completion of tasks, I can tell that the team really took their time to understand our vision. It makes our partnership such a smooth sailing experience. You guys rock in the industrial marketing game!” – R. Alarcon, Marketing Director

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