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Chemical company shoots to top 5 Google results

After a decade of no visibility on search results, this content-focused new website for a leader in the coatings industry saw them shoot to the top of Google results.
Keyword: identified. Target: reached.

Keyword: identified. Target: reached.

Americo Chemical Products is a chemical supplier based in Illinois that serves all of North America. It stands out with its customer-centric approach, which often results in very long-lasting relationships. Before coming to BlackBean, this coatings industry specialist generated the majority of its new business through client referrals and cold outreach with a personal touch. After being acquired by the Harbour Group in 2023, it sought to develop a modern, professional image and website to generate inbound leads.

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This chemical company in the coatings industry had an outdated website that had not been redesigned in many years. Their website design was dark and unresponsive and didn’t have an intuitive user experience. It did not accurately reflect how innovative and forward-thinking their business is. Their website also had no search visibility other than branded keywords. The client’s services and organization could only be found online by looking for their name instead of the solutions they provide.

To support their sales team’s efforts, Americo Chemical Products needed a more professional-looking website and a powerful digital marketing tool to attract target audiences in new service areas.


Through a carefully planned SEO program, Americo Chemical and BlackBean Industrial Marketing have seen a steady increase in search rankings and qualified traffic to their website, which is exactly what the company and their private equity owner, Harbour Group, were looking for.

By starting with keyword research to find the phrases being searched for and applying SEO best practices to the content of their newly designed site, they have a strong foundation for continuously growing their online performance and capturing even more traffic and new customers.


  • Reached #3 on Google for “custom metal treatment” and #5 for “custom metalworking fluid.”
  • 13% increase in SEO traffic just one month post-launch. Traffic continues to trend upward.
  • Besides the home page, pages like “Our Solutions” and “Metal Treatments” show solid engagement and organic traffic growth.
  • Qualified form submissions have doubled one month after the website launched, indicating a better engaged and more relevant audience.
  • The micro ads campaign is seeing improved relevance, delivering traffic for keywords like “coil coatings,” “chemical suppliers,” and “plasma cutting metal fluids.”
  • The website audience knows what it needs and travels directly to its preferred solution. This will help inform future content topics and formats—direct, actionable, and answering specific questions or addressing specific concerns from the industry.

It also looks incredible, if you don’t mind us saying.

Americo chemical website redesign

Demand generation through SEO

Demand generation through SEO

SEO is not just about visibility—it’s about demand generation. Our comprehensive approach dramatically increases your online presence, attracting a steady stream of qualified leads. By targeting the right keywords and creating engaging, technical and engaging content, we can help you tap into new markets and grow your customer base. Discover how our chemical marketing expertise can drive demand for your business and elevate your business performance.

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