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Manufacturing association giant gets an updated look

EMC Canada's look was a decade out of date. In tandem with the development of a powerful new website, we worked with EMC to refresh their brand without losing the equity built into the existing design.
Leaner and cleaner, but still familiar

Leaner and cleaner, but still familiar

Our task involved rebranding a significant manufacturing consortium with a focus on giving it a modern look while preserving the legacy equity built over 25 years. Our objective was to maintain certain essential brand elements, such as the color and theme of the logomark, while refreshing and simplifying the overall design to align with current design sensibilities.

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Our goal was to modernize and streamline the visual identity of a large manufacturing consortium while preserving its 25 years of legacy equity, requiring careful navigation of maintaining key brand elements while refreshing the design to align with current trends and design sensibilities.


We embarked on a careful process of streamlining and refining the consortium’s visual identity. We began by analyzing the existing brand elements and identifying key components that held strong recognition and association with the consortium. The logomark’s color and theme emerged as crucial aspects that had to be retained to preserve the brand’s heritage and familiarity.

Branding for any B2B organization

Branding for any B2B organization

A strong and compelling brand establishes trust, differentiation, and credibility. If your marketing isn’t performing the way you’d like, a weak brand may be part of the problem. We can help!

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