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60% increase in qualified form submissions

Our CRO approach skyrocketed a civil engineering firm's website conversions with a few strategic tweaks, dramatically increasing form submissions and qualified leads.
Small tweaks, majors results.

Small tweaks, majors results.

In the world of B2B conversion rates, turning website visitors into qualified leads is a crucial metric for success. However, many businesses need help to bridge the gap between generating traffic and securing conversions, much like this client! At the onset of our engagement, PW Trenchless, a civil engineering construction company, faced significant hurdles in measuring and enhancing its website’s conversion rates. Despite having a solid business foundation, they needed more detailed analytics. They targeted marketing strategies to leverage their online presence effectively.

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Before our intervention, the client struggled with two significant challenges. First, they needed more visibility into their website’s performance, making it impossible to track success or failure. Second, they needed help capturing the interest of potential B2B clients, a crucial aspect of their business. These challenges left them in the dark about their standing in the market.


The first step was to shed light on the company’s online presence. Thus, our work began with thoroughly analyzing the existing website data, user engagement metrics, and industry benchmarks. We implemented tracking and analysis tools, unveiling critical data that would guide the strategy.

The data showed that our client’s website needed more organic search traffic, minimal engagement, and a poor conversion rate. BlackBean’s analysis revealed significant opportunities for improvement, particularly in SEO, content optimization, and user experience (UX) enhancements.

Armed with insights, we crafted a conversion optimization strategy focusing on:

  • SEO and Website Enhancements: We initiated a series of SEO adjustments, dramatically improving the website’s technical performance and improving some of the content and messaging. 
  • Website Forms Performance Optimization: Through ongoing testing and optimization, we improved form submissions, with a significant portion of submissions translating into legitimate contact form leads.
  • CRM Implementation and Marketing Automation: We introduced a CRM system and automated follow-up email campaigns to streamline the client’s sales and marketing processes. 

The successful implementation of our solutions was a testament to the collaborative effort between our team and the client. We worked closely to ensure that each strategy was implemented with precision and aligned with their internal resources, demonstrating their commitment to the process.


One of the key successes was enhancing website form performance, which directly contributed to the increased rate of qualified leads. The most telling success metric was the dramatic rise in form submissions by 317.65%. However, taking this with a grain of salt would be best due to test submissions and spam filtering.

Other notable results were:

  •  Our efforts led to a staggering 63% year-over-year growth in organic search traffic, a clear testament to the effectiveness of our SEO strategies. User engagement also saw a notable increase, further validating the success of our content optimization and UX enhancements.
  • The most inspiring part of our success story is the impressive improvement in qualified leads. Our strategies led to a 58.8% qualification rate in February, a significant jump from the initial figures. This success is a testament to the power of CRO in lead generation.
  • The website’s lead generation rate saw direct improvements, contributing an estimated $800k of raw contract value or 1:13 ROI.

The metrics speak volumes about the success of our optimization efforts. The results were evident from a significant jump in organic search traffic to a dramatic increase in qualified leads. Unsurprisingly, this performance improvement was mirrored in the client’s appreciation of our marketing efforts, as they began seeing tangible results and ROI from the optimizations. The proof was undeniably in the pudding.

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Traffic is one thing but without qualified leads, it isn't worth much!

Traffic is one thing but without qualified leads, it isn't worth much!

Generating 300 poor or unqualified leads per month results in futile, time-consuming tasks for B2B companies and their sales teams. Generating 30 right-fit prospects who genuinely require your organization’s products or services is far more beneficial. If an agency promises to “10x” your website traffic, we advise you to be cautious.

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