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Mining new website increases traffic and business

From the dark ages of website design to 18 qualified form submissions per month, this no-fuss UX-focused project for an aggregate company delivers above-industry results.
From 2005 HTML to 2023 Wordpress

From 2005 HTML to 2023 Wordpress

Kelowna Sand and Gravel (KSG) supplies landscape rocks and stone products to the construction industry in Kelowna, BC. Despite a solid reputation for delivering premium products and great service, the existing website didn’t clearly reflect the new ownership. After deep diving into their business, goals, and competitive analysis, we created a modern, customer-friendly, and easy-to-update website for today’s audience.

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The website was stuck in the Dark Ages and had not been redesigned since the early 2000s. Although it ranked well due to its branded domain, it generated no business or qualified form submissions and only served as an information tool for contact details.

Under new ownership, the goal of this project with BlackBean Marketing was to turn this dormant platform into a powerful marketing and sales tool designed to make life easy for KSG’s clients… and their sales team!


The whole project was very focused on creating a website that was easy to use, delivered value to all users and didn’t confuse anyone using it. In addition, the straight-forward and attractive build is remarkably easy to manage and update for the client!

The most notable creation by the development team at BlackBean Marketing is a custom aggregates calculator to save time and money for management.

This mining and aggregates website’s mobile-friendly responsive design ensures that it is easy to use on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This creates a user-friendly experience as visitors browse KSG’s product list, learn about the firm’s capabilities, or fill out a form to request a quote.


Other than saving the sales team “a lot of time and aggravation” (their words), the website acted as it was intended: a powerful marketing tool designed to deliver leads.

Notable results:

  • The business receives, on average, 18 qualified quote forms per month.
  • The bounce rate dropped to 33%, which is below the 40% average for B2B websites.
  • After adding a pricing sheet, we saw 91 unique downloads in 42 days.
  • The traffic increased by 22% in just one month.
  • The average user spends 2min 37s average time on a page, which is 91% above standards for B2B websites.


See your business thrive online

See your business thrive online

“I think these guys are the best. They take the time to explain what they are doing and why. It’s not just about creating something that looks good but also about keeping sales and business objectives at the forefront of all their decisions to benefit clients like us. It’s a no-BS, focused approach that is just perfect for industrial companies looking to take their growth to new heights.” – J. Jon, Owner

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