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7.5X ROI on paid search ads for distributor

Green construction supply company CaraGreen had a lead generation issue. Through a targeted search ad campaign, we vastly improved online lead generation resulting in 7.5x estimated ROI.
Measurable Revenue Growth From Search Advertising

Measurable Revenue Growth From Search Advertising

CaraGreen is a construction materials supplier that came to us looking to grow their online lead generation. The resulting search advertising campaign produced dozens of qualified leads and an estimated 7.5x ROI!

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A construction materials company struggled to grow their online lead generation. They have unique distributor relationships with a variety of leading sustainable building materials, and wanted to grow their sales in particular product categories.


We developed a search advertising campaign with three ad groups, each targeting one of the product categories they most wanted to promote. By targeting CaraGreen’s service areas across the US–particularly those with a high number of recorded housing starts–we reached a valuable B2B purchasing audience at a very competitive cost per acquisition.


  • 7.5X estimated ROI from search advertising
  • 54 marketing qualified leads in the first 90 days of the campaign
  • 10x improved conversion rate, search ads vs. organic search traffic
What would you do with 10x more leads?

What would you do with 10x more leads?

Search advertising offers consistent, reliable lead generation for any industry. Through search ads, you can reach international audiences, grow your brand, and generate more leads. Want to get started?


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