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What is SEO?

Oh boy. We get asked that a lot! SEO is search engine optimization, a set of skills focused on improving how your website ranks in search engines for your most valuable keywords.

Think of Google as a phone book. In a phone book, you used to be able to get the top spot in the yellow pages for your service area by naming yourself ‘A1 Plumbing’ and the like, because it was sorted alphabetically. This is kind of like the precursor to SEO.

Google doesn’t sort its listings alphabetically. It uses a robot to read your website, determine its quality and relevance for each search term, and rank it according to those two metrics. That’s what SEO does. It improves your website’s quality and relevance for specific, high-value search terms. The value of SEO is long-term. After the initial investment in SEO, high-ranking pages passively bring in qualified traffic. Over time, the cost of SEO traffic is a fraction the cost of traffic from advertising.

B2B SEO Audits

B2B SEO audits involve researching and selecting high-value keywords for your business, exploring your current search performance for these keywords, and identifying ways to improve rankings. Factors we look at include technical speed and performance, design best practices, mobile website quality, keyword density, code quality, and content relevance — the same factors Google’s search robot uses to rank your website!

At the end of an SEO audit, you’ll receive a document explaining your situation and outlining recommendations to improve your SEO performance.

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