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How to market a cleantech company

Cleantech, Greentech, or simply 'what's coming next': whatever you call it, environmentally focused innovations are hot commodities. No amount of recycling, green advocacy, and waste reduction will get us to net zero carbon emissions or roll back the clock on environmental degradation. Tech will be a huge component in addressing the myriad challenges presented by climate change.

Cleantech companies struggle to position themselves favourably against value-focused competitors and tried-and-true industry standards. While they win points on moral and ethical arguments, cleantech companies can struggle to demonstrate immediate value to their customers, who often think profit-first and environment second.

The primary marketing challenge for cleantech companies is to present a full-spectrum case for why their products are best. You've already won the true believers and green evangelists: how will you win over all the other guys?

That's where we can help.

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