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Google ads for B2B

$1.5M lead from Google ads in less than three months

After completing a positioning exercise, Royale wanted to focus on lead generation. Search advertising was the quick way to generate value while testing our new content and positioning.
Immediate ROI from search advertising

Immediate ROI from search advertising

Search advertising provides near-instant results for B2B companies looking to boost their lead generation. After upgrading Royale’s website with strong conversion pages and highly relevant content, we built a targeted search campaign to promote their key services across the United States.

Boost your lead gen
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Once we completed our positioning exercise, it was time to generate leads. Although Royale had plenty of contracts around their home base in New York City, they struggled to push into other markets like Texas, Chicago, Miami, and Baltimore. They needed a targeted, efficient advertising campaign to get their upgraded messaging in front of the right clients across the country.


Royale’s customers could be found in dense metro areas across the country, particularly in areas where real estate development is high. We targeted a dozen metro areas ranging from Texas to Baltimore, keying in on specific zip codes that best fit their customer profile. As we collected data from the campaign, we adjusted targeting, keywords, and bids to maximize performance.

Over $1.5M in leads generated

Through the campaign’s first 90 days

$55 average cost per lead

More online leads

Than any other channel since campaign launch

Delivering value is what we do.

Delivering value is what we do.

“In 10 years of working with marketing companies, [BlackBean] is the only one that has generated quality leads!” – J. Hart, Sales Director.

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