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A new look for an international manufacturer's website

Altec Integrated Solutions can do it all. They needed a website that could keep up with their industry innovation.
Web design that reflects the many faces of Altec

Web design that reflects the many faces of Altec

Altec Integrated Solutions is just that–integrated. With divisions across North America including engineering, electrical, machining, and manufacturing, Altec is a vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing firm. Their two primary service industries include wood veneer peeling and processing, and themed entertainment ride control engineering. Our challenge was to develop a website that spoke to these two disparate industry targets, while highlighting the integrated nature of the company.

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The client faced the challenge of catering to two distinct industries while maintaining a cohesive online presence. They required a website capable of speaking in different voices to effectively engage each industry. Additionally, the client had multiple departments, including machining, engineering, and consulting, that needed to be properly represented on the website.


To address these requirements, we developed a website with a modular brand system. This approach allowed us to organize content and ideas based on the intended audience. By creating separate modules for each industry, we ensured that the website could adapt its tone and messaging to resonate with the specific needs and preferences of each target market.

A website that tells the whole story

A website that tells the whole story

Expressing the whole scope of a company like Altec on a single website is tricky. Each target audience wants and expects something different. We can help you organize, synthesize, and broadcast your complex offer to however many audiences you serve.

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