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Not every marketing challenge is about lead generation or increasing volume. Okanagan Specialty Fruits is the parent company of Arctic Apples, a non-browning apple developed for retail and food-service applications. Their website failed to broadcast their values and service offering, instead generating consumer searches for information on GMO foods.

Rather than increasing traffic, OSF wanted to improve the composition and quality of traffic to the website, targeting prospective employees and businesses looking for services and partnership rather than consumers seeking information on GMOs.


The primary challenge for this project was to reframe the website's content to serve OSF's business objectives, while displaying the information in an appealing and professional manner. The goal was to reduce or eliminate traffic from consumers looking to learn about (or debate the merits of) GMO products.


To this end, we identified a set of content that primarily delivered consumer traffic. We redirected this traffic to the homepage or to relevant pages with B2B intent.

Our website design struck a balance between friendly, personal, and casual, and professional, technical, and capable. We worked to update their branding while retaining its original look. The new website features more strategic content including an upgraded job board and a streamlined, B2B focused sitemap.


OSF's results are best expressed by its organic search keywords. Once dominated by GMO keywords, OSF's search profile now largely consists of branded terms, informational fruit growing terms, and biotech related queries. Despite a significant reduction in overall search traffic due to elimination of low value keywords and content, search visitors spend 87% longer on the website now than ever before, finding relevant B2B information for their high-value queries.

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