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B2B product marketing

70% increase in product marketing from paid search

Leads, leads, leads for days. The search ad campaign developed by BlackBean for a Canadian manufacturer generated more leads than any other source.
A Holistic Marketing Approach

A Holistic Marketing Approach

Vitalis Extraction Tech, a Canadian engineering firm, excels in producing cutting-edge supercritical CO2 extraction systems. Catering to pharmaceutical, biotech, F&B, and botanical sectors, their innovation propels them as global leaders.

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Vitalis’ online lead generation was inconsistent, poorly-tracked, and expensive.

Our goal was to improve the volume and quality of online leads through search advertising, while providing better reporting and attribution to demonstrate return on investment.


We audited and restructured Vitalis’ search advertising campaigns to target international audiences including an emphasis on emerging markets in Latin America.

Over time, we developed new landing pages and an updated, high-performance website with powerful tracking features to provide marketing attribution for search campaigns.


From the moment BlackBean took over search advertising, we saw:
• A 70% increase in leads generated;
• Lead provenance expansion to 6 continents, including USA, Canada, Colombia, South Africa, Australia, Ukraine, and China;
• The search ad campaigns generated more leads than any other lead source, including trade shows and events, phone enquiries, referrals, press/ PR, and outbound email marketing combined;
• An 80% decrease in lead costs in Google Ads.

What would you do with more leads?

What would you do with more leads?

Discover the power of search advertising – a steadfast approach to generating leads across every industry. Utilize search ads to connect with audiences worldwide, enhance your brand’s reach, and spark a surge in valuable leads. Ready to take the plunge?

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