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Lead volume increased by 48% through paid search

Swan Heating is a Denver-based residential HVAC company. We engaged with them to help them squeeze more leads out of their search advertising campaign despite hefty competition.
Finding efficiency in a crowded market

Finding efficiency in a crowded market

When we began working with Swan Heating, they had a lot going for them: plenty of website traffic, hundreds of 5 star Google reviews, and a good reputation in their service area surrounding Denver, Colorado. What they weren’t getting was results. Their advertising performance was falling behind as leads grew more expensive and harder to find. Our task was to optimize their digital marketing performance, ensuring that all that traffic didn’t go to waste.

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Swan Heating, an established HVAC business in Denver, needed to improve the quality, quantity, and cost of their online leads. Though their website received plenty of traffic, Swan felt their business had begun to fall behind their competitors, especially regarding their search advertising performance. When we began working with Swan, their year-over-year leads from Google search advertising had fallen by over 40%, while cost per lead had increased by nearly 25%. While their website received plenty of organic search traffic, it was out-of-date, lacked proper tracking conversion tracking, and was not optimized for lead generation.


The first thing we did was rebuild their website. A fresh design and enhanced conversion tracking allowed us to better understand their digital marketing performance and identify areas for optimization. As this was completed, we worked on auditing their search advertising account. We rebuilt the ad account from scratch, implementing better landing pages, messaging, and targeting settings to trim wasteful spending. Finally, we began a consulting engagement with regular strategy meetings to discuss campaign performance and focus areas for growing sales.


  • 48% increase in paid search leads
  • 50% decrease in lead costs compared to historical account average
  • 50% increase in website traffic from paid and organic sources.

The big takeaway for Swan’s marketing was that the journey matters as much as the destination. Improving ads and targeting alone wouldn’t have netted the same results as taking a holistic look at the full marketing funnel. By improving their marketing across all areas, from acquisition to close, tracking to reporting, we took their search ads to new heights. If your business relies on advertising for lead generation, talk to us about a full-funnel audit today.

Ads are only as good as their destination

Ads are only as good as their destination

“The team at BlackBean were able to immediately begin troubleshooting and correcting technical site issues when they started with us. With increased traffic and leads coming through the website and the success of the PPC work, we are thoroughly satisfied with the partnership.” – C. Swan, Co-owner

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