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Branding for manufacturer

Modular branding for a manufacturing leader

Unified but organized: that was the request we got from our client. They wanted a way to visually organize their completely distinct departments and services, without diluting the impact of their brand.
A brand that can do the heavy lifting

A brand that can do the heavy lifting

Altec Integrated Solutions is a diverse engineering and manufacturing company. So diverse, in fact, that they serve several completely distinct industry verticals at once. From entertainment control systems for roller coasters to highly automated wood veneer peeling and stacking systems, Altec leverages their engineering expertise in many ways. They needed a brand refresh that could both unify and distinguish these disparate service areas.

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During our website redesign project for Altec Integrated Solutions, it became apparent that the website needed to speak to many audiences at once, in different tones and with different messages. Where many businesses offer a single product or service, Altec’s offers span everything from parts machining to roller coaster control engineering. They needed a way to organize their business in a way that felt unified but offered visual distinction between departments.


We solved the ambiguity by developing a modular brand system. Retaining the same logo, font, and other secondary brand elements, we created a tagging system using four alternate brand colours. For each main service area at Altec, we customized the website appearance and messaging style to best appeal to the target audience. We also subdivided the sitemap to funnel customers toward the content they are most interested in, and away from less relevant topics. This allowed us to write content aimed at rural plywood companies or metropolitan rides and entertainment firms without any crossover or confusion.



It has been nothing but fabulous working with [BlackBean] and I humbly tip my hat to the whole team! We value the creativity and thoughtfulness they bring to every project.

– D. Williams

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