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Cool Prices in a Hot Market

SWAN Heating and Air -

Finding Efficiency in a Competitive Market


When we began working with Swan Heating, they had a lot going for them: plenty of website traffic, hundreds of 5 star Google reviews, and a good reputation in their service area surrounding Denver, Colorado. What they weren't getting was results. Their advertising performance was falling behind as leads grew more expensive and harder to find. Our task was to optimize their digital marketing performance, ensuring that all that traffic didn't go to waste.

Finding Efficiency in a Competitive Market


  • Swan Heating, an established HVAC business in Denver, needed to improve the quality, quantity, and cost of their online leads
  • Though their website received plenty of traffic, Swan felt their business had begun to fall behind their competitors, especially regarding their search advertising performance
  • When we began working with Swan, their year-over-year leads from Google search advertising had fallen by over 40%, while cost per lead had increased by nearly 25%
  • While their website received plenty of organic search traffic, it was out-of-date, lacked proper tracking conversion tracking, and was not optimized for lead generation


Swan Heating had plenty of potential customers filling their online marketing funnel, but that traffic wasn't transitioning into enough leads or sales to justify its acquisition cost. In order to fix this, we first needed to understand why this was happening. We knew the website needed an update, so we started there, designing a lead-generation focused WordPress site to replace their out-of-date website. We also configured proper conversion tracking to measure website performance more accurately. Finally, we sought to understand why the Google Ads account performance had decreased. We performed an audit on the account, then implemented recommended solutions, serving as Swan's advertising management team.

  • A performance-first website was designed and built using WordPress. This website featured improve page load times and visuals, as well as improved calls to action intended to provide customers with more opportunities to connect with Swan
  • An advertising audit was completed, revealing a number of inefficiencies and performance issues. These issues were corrected and an advertising administration strategy was put in place
  • Website and landing page conversion tracking was implemented to improve attribution accuracy.


Positive results were seen both immediately and through the next year. Website users and pageviews both increased by over 20%. Recorded revenue attributed to the website increased by over 100%, while website lead volume improved by 85%. Advertising performance improved similarly, recording record year-over-year conversion volumes as well as up to 50% cost per lead reductions.

  • In the year since our team began administering the advertising account, conversion costs dropped by over 15% year-over-year. Lead volume increased by 48%
  • Since May 2020, lead costs have dropped to their lowest recorded value since advertising began in 2015 — a decrease in cost of over 50% compared to the all-time account average
  • Since the new website launched, website traffic increased by approximately 50%. Unique pageviews increased by 36%, and bounce rates dropped by 5%

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