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Improving Key Areas

Manufacturing Trade Board -
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A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships


They say a rising tide lifts all ships. When EMC Canada engaged with us, their dated website left campaigns marooned, hurting conversion rates and dampening user engagement. Working with EMC, we identified several challenges that undermined the impact of their website for marketing important events and programs. By addressing these challenges, we were able to improve overall website visibility and campaign conversion rates, all through our easy-to-use proprietary content management system, Bene CMS.



We worked with EMC to identify several key areas for improving the website:

  • The previous website was difficult to manage for content editors, often requiring developer involvement to make simple changes.
  • The look and feel of the website was dated. Staff were concerned that prospective members may be turned off by the old-fashioned design.
  • Content was poorly organized and hard to find. Users struggled to find important events and programs.
  • Given Quebec’s large manufacturing sector, improving the user experience for French-speaking Canadians was paramount.

As EMC’s website serves as a portal for their programming and events, improving user experience would improve the efficiency of all active and future campaigns. The website itself would be our “rising tide”, improving marketing performance across the board.



We broke the problem down into several distinct project phases: a design consultation, where we collected feedback from users across the organization; an in-depth wireframing and website architecture project, aimed at reducing website complexity and improving usability; a website development project, where we enacted our recommended changes; and a brand refresh, where we upgraded the organization’s branding to suit its new website.

We improved French language support on the website with an embedded translation feature. Our wireframing and website architecture project significantly reduced the number of clicks required to navigate to critical content. EMC staff communicated a desire to make the website feel bright and clean. The new website and accompanying brand refresh do away with dark, muddy colours in favour of a clean, modern aesthetic.



We were able to realize results for each identified core challenge. Our streamlined Bene CMS content management platform made content editing easy for staff. French Canadian user growth improved by 273% since launching the new website. The new brand delivers better marketing performance. Site-wide conversion rate improved by 26%. Conversion rates for their most important service offering, the WILWorks program, increased by 177%. Streamlined website architecture improves SEO performance, as well. Since June 2022, EMC Canada’s organic web traffic has increased by 19%.

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