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Shooting to the top of Google results

Planta Scientific wanted to launch right. The US CBD company knew their search competition would be steep. We helped them get on the first page within 30 days.
Making an entrance: SEO for cannabis startup

Making an entrance: SEO for cannabis startup

One of the hardest things about being a startup is getting noticed. In a sea of established brands, startups have to swim upstream to get eyes on their products. It’s even harder for companies working in advertising-restricted sectors like cannabis. Planta Scientific knew that their audience was online, and they knew their options to reach that audience were few. Without the opportunity to run ads or social media campaigns, SEO was the only path forward.

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The primary challenge for Planta Scientific was their product. While water soluble cannabis extracts are a hot commodity in the health and recreational market, they’re generally restricted when it comes to promotion on Google and social media. The cannabis market, particularly for CBD products, is also saturated and highly competitive.


The only way forward for general brand visibility was SEO. Google may restrict and limit advertising for cannabis products, but they’re happy to display organic results for cannabis-related queries. Through a deep website and competitor audit, we uncovered several SEO action items for Planta to focus on, including technical/on-page performance, conversion rate optimization, and low competition/high-relevance keyword clusters to focus on. Then, we worked with their team to implement changes and ramp up content creation.


  • 6x increase in organic search traffic through the first 90 days of the SEO campaign
  • 400+ Top 10 results for target keywords
  • #1 source of leads organic search beat all other lead sources for volume, revenue
Own your niche online

Own your niche online

If your business operates in a niche or restricted sector like CBD or cannabis, you may struggle to market yourself through conventional channels. Our experienced marketing team knows how to get you seen on Google, even if you’re unable to advertise.

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