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Navigating a Marketing Minefield

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Evergreen Marketing for a Non-Browning Apple


Arctic Apples is a B2B producer of non-browning apples. Their focus is on serving the retail and food-service markets with individually-portioned, pre-sliced apples. As a GMO product, Arctic Apples face increased skepticism and scrutiny from their prospective customers. They struggle to educate end consumers on the safety and nutrition of their products while emphasizing selling propositions for their B2B market. Finally, Arctic Apples had minimal consumer awareness and brand recognition. They sought an execution partner to aide their internal marketing department with campaign execution.



Arctic Apples’ biggest challenges pertained to messaging and communication. A key goal for this engagement was to increase positive brand recognition among consumers across the US and Canada, particularly among the USA’s growing Spanish-speaking community. They struggled to balance educational information for a vocally negative anti-GMO consumer audience with a need to sell to organizations and retailers at scale across the USA and Canada.



Fundamentally, our engagement with Arctic Apples is about execution. We offer design and web development execution services to allow their internal marketing team to implement campaigns and strategies. We provided a range of marketing and web development services to Arctic Apples, including:

  • Design and development of a sales and informational website featuring consumer content (blogs, educational articles, recipes) and targeted marketing content for retailers and food service organizations
  • A full Spanish version of the website to improve accessibility for the growing Hispanic market segment in the USA
  • Packaging design for their individually portioned apple segments
  • Production of a wide range of sales and marketing resources (flyers, one sheets, technical documentation, etc).
  • Execution of a North American giveaway campaign featuring an Arctic Apples branded YETI cooler


Our engagement has allowed Arctic Apple’s internal marketing staff to execute more swiftly on a variety of campaigns including Amazon Shopping campaigns, giveaways, and B2B sales initiatives. With our support, Arctic Apples generated over 21,000 form submissions for their YETI cooler giveaway.

Our enhancements to the website resulted in an 8% improvement in overall pageviews and a 27% decline in user bounce rate. Users visit 12% more pages per session. Key markets including cities across the American Southwest saw increased traffic, particularly in areas with high Spanish-speaking populations.


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