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When we began working with Diablo Nutrients, they had little understanding of their own marketing funnel. While they had a general understanding of their target market, they wanted to take their marketing to the next level, especially online. In order to do that, they needed to understand their own brand’s strengths and weaknesses and find a niche for themselves in a crowded cannabis growing market.



We identified a number of challenges for Diablo Nutrients during our research and consultation phase:

  • Diablo has a positive reputation among experienced growers familiar with their product, but very limited brand exposure to the casual growing market at large.
  • Due to the nature of their products, there were a variety of legal requirements and restrictions to be met for every marketing campaign.
  • Diablo’s unique branding cuts both ways. It resonates very well with the right audience, but the wrong audience may struggle to connect. “Finding their tribe” was an important strategic consideration.


Before we could make recommendations or put a plan into place, we needed to understand their industry and competition. We began by compiling a market research document, using customer information from their website and social media channels as well as data collected from a marketing survey we administered. This research helped us understand Diablo’s target markets more deeply, identifying primary and secondary customer personas and the most effective channels to use to speak to each. We analyzed competitors large and small to identify opportunities for growth and establish a clear picture of Diablo’s market position. This helped us develop marketing collateral that resonates with their audience and supports their team’s marketing objectives. Our deliverables included:

  • A new website featuring tools that resonate with Diablo’s customers: feed calculators, location finders, grower’s tips, and technical documentation.
  • A wide variety of brand collateral including sales and technical documents, social media content, and trade show materials.
  • Ongoing support and advisement on marketing investment and strategies.


Our market research helped Diablo’s marketing team get on the same page and coordinate their efforts. It continues to inform Diablo’s social media and newsletter content strategies and offers insight into their customer’s needs as they continue to grow their market share.


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