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Cost effective, and profitable ad campaign

Construction Materials Supplier - Search Advertising Campaign


Green building materials supplier CaraGreen came to us with an advertising problem. Their search advertising campaigns delivered clicks in spades — thousands each month. What they didn’t do was deliver value.

Lacking in strategy, conversion tracking, and product focus, their ad campaigns failed to deliver on metrics that really matter for businesses: leads, sales, and revenue.

We worked with CaraGreen to scope out and implement a new campaign, develop landing pages, and improve lead attribution. The result? More leads — way more leads — for less money.



We began our advertising engagement with CaraGreen by conducting a campaign audit. The first step to fixing a problem is to understand it. Through our audit, we identified the following key issues:

  • Conversions were improperly tracked. According to Google Ads, nearly 100% of users converted. In reality, less than 1% of paid search users took action.
  • Ads sent users to low-value web pages. Rather than sending users to a lead generating landing page, many users arrived on blog pages without a clear path to converting.
  • Target keywords were vague and low-intent. The campaigns were structured to focus on click volume, not performance metrics like lead generation rate.

The audit revealed a fundamental lack of campaign direction and intent. Our job was clear: structure a campaign that focused on delivering leads, not clicks and impressions.



Through keyword and competitor research and user behaviour analysis, we identified two product categories that were ideal candidates for paid advertising: recycled countertop materials and acoustic wall panels. We developed two landing pages for each product category. One page for each included a quote request form. The other was a click-through page, intended to funnel users toward valuable pages on the main CaraGreen site. The new pages include accurate conversion tracking. We also installed a live chat application on the website and landing pages to offer another path for users to connect with CaraGreen.

We developed a new ad campaign with an ad group for each targeted product. Based on our keyword research, we selected a tight group of exact match keywords for each ad group. Paired with an extensive negative keyword list, we knew the updated campaign would generate fewer clicks of far greater quality.



Engagement metrics from advertising traffic immediately improved when the new campaign and landing pages launched. Everything from average time on page to average pages per session improved dramatically. But page views aren’t revenue. What about business metrics?

Lead generation conversion rate improved from less than 0.5% to over 7%. The campaign consistently delivers leads at a cost per acquisition of less than $25. Based on the client’s estimated closing rate and average customer value, the campaign offers up to 7.5X return on marketing investment.

By focusing on advertising fundamentals and business outcomes, we implemented an efficient, cost effective, and profitable ad campaign, transforming paid search from one of CaraGreen’s least efficient marketing channels to its most efficient.

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