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The Least You Can Do

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In so many ways, in our society, we look to make things bigger and better.

A new sports arena can't just seat fans; it needs to have the biggest displays, the loudest sirens, the brightest lights. We're out to set records, not merely serve a purpose. Apple tends not to release iPhones with fewer features and lower specs; when they do, we certainly hear about it (goodbye, headphone jack!)

In a world that often seems to demand more, it's interesting to stop and consider: what's the least I can do?

It isn't a negative or lazy question, though it may seem that way at first.

We can feel as though we're in a constant state of resource scarcity in our demanding lives. Not enough time, money, energy, motivation, confidence... whatever the resource, we rarely feel like we're abundant in it.

So what's the least we can do? The least we can do to build a better website. The least we can do is sell more products—the least we can do to write a newsletter.

Ultimately, this question may not lead you to a helpful answer. If it does, that answer might be more in the best possible way: more efficient, more respectful of your time, more simple.

What's the least you can do today?

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