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The Value of One Second

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Everything is relative.

A second is a tiny unit of measure, yet it's massive compared to a millisecond or a nanosecond. A year spans over 1% of an average human life, yet on a cosmic scale, it's microscopic.

What's the value of one second for your business? It depends on the context.

For your website, every second counts. A one-second increase in page load time can drop your website conversion rate by 4-12%, depending on whom you ask.

These seconds are critical, each more valuable by far than the minutes lost by a coffee break that runs long or from a late start due to traffic. A business that does $10 million in annual revenue through its website stands to gain $100,000 by increasing its conversion rate by 1%.

Minor improvements to a task or process become magnified by repetition. A faster website saves users one second, thousands of times a month.

We can remember this economy of scale, applying it to other areas of our lives and our businesses. Rather than chasing explosive growth and radical transformation, what if we focused on taking the right step forward, one step at a time?

Small, but significant. Practical, but intentional. In what small ways might you be a better salesperson, a more upstanding citizen, or a better friend? A journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with a single step.

Take a second and think it over.

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