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I was on a call with a fellow business owner the other day, when he said: "I am no longer in the business of convincing".

It's tempting to convince, persuade, cajole, and coax clients, associates, and friends toward the solutions we prefer. The motivation for doing so may be noble (we want to help them, and believe our solution is the best) or it may be selfish (we sell this service, therefore it's the one they should buy).

When we focus on convincing, we're signing ourselves up for a Sisyphean task. Convincing is akin to changing someone's mind, and that's not easy to do. Have you ever tried to persuade a friend or family member with an opposing political view to buy into your perspective? How well did that work out? Conversely, how easy is it for someone to change your mind?

Let's be clear: convincing and selling are similar but not the same. All businesses need to sell; too many of them end up bogged down with convincing.

How do we sell without taking on all the baggage that comes with changing hearts and minds? Part of the answer is selectivity. When we target people whose beliefs readily align with our own, it's much easier to nudge them in our preferred direction. This doesn't mean we can only sell to people just like us; it simply means finding common ground with prospects, then using that common ground to build trust and rapport.

The other way we avoid convincing is by attracting our tribe. This means broadcasting our message the way we want to share it. When we communicate authentically, passionately, and intelligently with our audience, we attract people who share our passions.

What does this mean for you and your business? It means focusing on your values and beliefs and letting them shine through in everything you do. It also means having the courage to let go of prospects who can't or won't see eye to eye with you. We've all had them, and they're usually more trouble than they're worth.

Building our tribe isn't just fulfilling; it's good business.

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