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Your big idea sucked. Now what?

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No matter how good you are at what you do, you’ll fail at something eventually. If you never mess up, you aren’t taking enough risk. If you aren’t taking enough risk, you’re losing opportunities.

When you screw up, what happens next? Sometimes it isn’t up to you. Failing a client can mean losing a contract. It can mean your reputation takes a hit. It can shake your confidence.

Great leaders don’t allow themselves to be cowed by failure. They also don’t make the same mistakes twice. When you make a mistake, you’ve done yourself a great service: you’ve identified something that doesn’t work.

Examine mistakes. Seek to understand why your big idea fell flat. Was it flawed from the start? Did execution let you down? These aren’t hypotheticals. Make a list of questions about your latest mistake, and find the answers.  If you do this, you’ll keep growing and improving because of, not in spite of your mistakes.

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