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Fast-food marketing: Avoid the stomach ache.

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When you choose to eat fast food, don’t cry about the stomach ache.

Fast food tastes good. It’s cheap. It’s quick. That tastiness, cheapness, and speed comes at a cost: it’s bad for you and bad for the planet.

Today we expect a lot of things to be fast and cheap. Internet and phone plans. Apps and software. News and media. We want everything now and we don’t want to pay for it.

But we know where that gets us, and it’s not where we want to be. Cutting corners and finding the cheap, fast, or free solution often means sacrificing quality or making choices that don’t properly address your needs.

When you sign up for $300/month SEO packages and $500 websites, consider how those services are able to come in well under market value. Who’s completing your work? What is the standard or caliber of that work? Most importantly, what’s the impact on your bottom line?

Typically, ‘fast-food’ marketers can’t give you a straight answer on how effective their services are. When you purchase fast food marketing, you spend thousands and thousands of dollars on services that don’t address your needs, a few hundred dollars at a time.

wise woman once told me, ‘buy the best, and you only cry once’. If you’re wasting marketing dollars on cheap strategies that don’t move the meter, maybe it’s time for a second opinion?

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