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Don’t sell clients what they want.

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Don't sell clients what they want. Sell them what they need.

It’s not a revolutionary concept, but boy is it hard.

Ultimately, clients want to succeed. If that’s what clients came in asking for, it would be easy to give them what they want, because what they want and what they need would be one and the same: the right tools for the job.

But clients don’t always come to you asking for help reaching their end goal of success. Often, they ask for help with implementing x or y. “I want a new website.” “I want to run some ads.”

These tools might be what they need, or they might not. A service provider simply delivers on requests, regardless of whether those requests are useful or valuable. A partner works with clients to achieve a mutual goal of business success. We say it in our advertising and website copy because it’s true: your growth is our growth. We succeed and fail together.

Let’s get to the point. Everyone working at BlackBean trained to work in this industry. We’re passionate about marketing, UX, design - it’s why we get hired in the first place! That means we ought to have some good ideas about how our clients can best move forward. If we get too concerned with people-pleasing instead of results-getting, we’re doing wrong by our clients. And that can result in selling work the client doesn’t initially think they want.

It’s our duty to protect your bottom line. That means sometimes we’ll have to say ‘no, that’s a bad idea. How about this instead?

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