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Marketing to a biotech and agrotech audience is different from talking to the average consumer. Your target audience is a well-educated buyer who wants the facts about the value of your product, not a glitzy sales pitch.


Types of Biotechnology Clients


We don't need to tell you how difficult it can be to market GMO products. You know it. We know it too, that's why we have been working with clients in the GMO space for years, crafting a unique marketing strategy approach with a heavy focus on consumer education and emphasis on science.



Do you ever wonder why some plant nutrient brands work and others don't? More than the R&D you put into your products, marketing can make a huge difference for your exposure. Whether your nutrients are destined for the home gardener or the cannabis industry, we have a proven track record of success with companies just like yours.



The extraction industry is a very competitive field but with a huge potential for growth as more and more countries relax their legislation and regulations. Through carefully crafted marketing strategies and innovation, BlackBean will help you generate more leads to grow your extraction business.


Our Work with Biotech Clients

We work with innovators in the biotech and agrotech sectors looking to generate more leads and drive sales up. View our portfolio of case studies to learn more.

Other Industries that we support

B2B Industrial

Solve unmet needs and challenges with innovative solutions tailored for the industrial sector. Empower your sales force with winning value propositions matched with superior selling capabilities. Help them overcome buyer objections and the long, complicated sales cycle with the right tools.

Home Services

We offer the best digital marketing for home services. Get your home business off the ground with our exceptional digital marketing services.

Transform your Marketing

We help B2B industrial leaders just like you to generate the marketing outcomes they’ve always dreamed about. We'd love to talk about how we can help you grow your business and increase your sales through account-based marketing.

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